• Boysweb asset maintenance management system was put into practice.
  • Rina Certificate was obtained for the Marine Cables.
  • Sales Academy Organization was started
  • “One Day in 2M CABLE Events “ began
  • “ Axapta Software ” was put into practice...
  • Enterprise Performance Evaluation System was put into practice.
  • Started the production of Energy and Installation Cables.
  • Obtained ISO 14001 certification.
  • Integrated Management System was put into practice.
  • QDMS intranet system was established.
  • Within the concept of 20th Anniversary , Traditional Picnic Organization was held.
  • New Perpa Sales Office was opened.
  • Was awarded with the “Export IMMIB Honor Award”
  • Moved to the new factory in Silivri
  • Was awarded with the “Export IMMIB Honor Award”
  • Began production of Ship and Yacht Type cables.
  • Began production of HD cables.
  • Completed the studies on OHSAS 18001
  • Certificate from VDE was obtained for the cable FireKab® JE-H(St)H...Bd FE180 PH120
  • Certificate from VDE was obtained for the cable FireKab® NGF FE180 PH30
  • Began to lean manufacturing operatios were started.
  • Started exporting to Africa
  • Factory Area were extended to 9350 m2.
  • 2M CABLE was awarded with the “Export success in 2008 “ by Istanbul Chamber of Commerce
  • LOOKAB® Optirius and Prinilius Power-Cord cables were producedfot the Hi-Fi industry
  • Celebrated the 15th Anniversary.
  • 2M CABLE obtained the product liability insurance of 10 million Euros which is valid worldwide.
  • ICRON Production Planning software was put into practice
  • A Sales Office in Izmir was established
  • 2M Cable Industry and Trade Limited Company Name was changed into 2M CABLE Industry and Trade Inc.
  • EN 50200 PH120 certification was obtained from the International LPCB for the FireKab® BMK-SH FE180 PH120 , FireKab® JE-H(St)H...Bd FE180 E30-E90 PH120 Fire Resistant cables.
  • The first fire-resistant 100 Ohm impedance data cable production was carried out in Turkey.
  • For the Firekab® BMK-SH FE180 PH120 and Firekab® J-H (St) H ... Bd FE180 E30-E90 PH120 cable , GOST certificate and Russian Fire certificate (cables passing the IEC 60332-3 / IEC 60 331 tests ) were obtained.
  • 2M Cable was the first Turkish company to be published on the red book where firms only approved by LPCB (RED BOOK I see www.redbooklive.co) take place.
  • Fire resistant cables were collected under the brand name of FIREKAB® and brand name was registered.
  • For the first time in Turkey , International BS 6387 C, W, Z certificates from LPCB were obtained to our Firekab® fire resistant cables
  • The engineers working in 2M CABLE along with Senkron Software company developed a software in ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) which was named “Prometrik” and put it in practice
  • Russia / Moscow 'in Turkish / Russian commitment to serve the company's 100% owned by 2M CABLE , OOO 2MKABEL" was established to servet he Turkish/Russian commitment companies in Moscow.
  • Since 1998 engaged in the production of Audio-Video Cables 2M CABLE registered the product group as the “ LOOKAB®” brand.
  • Firekab® fire-resistant cable production started.
  • Istanbul Chamber of Commerce Consumer Protection Contract was signed.
  • TSEK for 17 products group and TSE for 1 product group were obtained .
  • Halogen free – Flame retardant plastics were used in some of our products instead of PVC material
  • Russian GOST-R certification and Fire Certifications were obtained to all our products.
  • Ankara and Antalya sales offices were established
  • Domestic Sales Office was opened in Istanbul / Perpa Elektrokent
  • ISO 9001:2000 was obtained from the WCS .
  • Production facility was moved to a 6500m2 closed area in Istanbul / Esenyurt
  • First physical foam ( using nitrogen gas ) coaxial cable production in Turkey was carried out by 2M CABLE.
  • ISO 9002 Quality System Certificate was obtained from the WCS .
  • 2M CABLE Paz. ve Dış Ticaret Ltd. Sti. was established.
  • The first international fair participation was "Jordan Turkish Products Fair"
  • The Coaxial cables obtained TSEK Quality Certificate.
  • The first international fair participation was "Jordan Turkish Products Fair"
  • Exported first to Germany.
  • 2MKAB® brand was registered in Turkey and internationally.
  • 2M CABLE was founded in Istanbul / Küçükçekmece.
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