Purchasing Procedure

2M KABLO is aware that the product quality and strategy of growth requires a purchasing system that ensures a good and trusting relationship with the suppliers, thus, it is an important part of 2M KABLO vision to establish the best conditions and to preserve them.

Candidate – Active and Confirmed Supplier

The suppliers that are supplying first time to 2M KABLO is registered as Candidate Supplier. The ones that accumulate a good performance point are then registered as Active Supplier. After the purchasing becomes customary, if the company is approved according to the supplier evaluation criteria , the supplier is registered as Approved Supplier and a contract is made.

2M KABLO also expects the suppliers to fulfill the quality management system and work ethics requirements separately.

With the purchasing contract mutual working conditions are stated and relevant precautions are mentioned.

2M KABLO also has an environmentalist approach to purchasing procedure. All the purchased raw material used in production must have an RoHS conformity certificate


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