2M Kablo committed to provide superior product quality and efficient service to the its customers.

We understand requirements and expectations of our domestic and foreign customers properly with relevant statutory and regulatory requirements and concentrate on fulfilment of them. Our primary principles to achieve this objective are:

- Approach all processes on customer-oriented basis.

- Continuously improve the Quality Management System from the creation of the customer request to the delivery of the product.

- Give priority to fulfilment of the customer expectations in our business.

- Improve capability of our employees constantly through training programs.

- Ensure effective participation of our employees while conducting our business.

- Interfere to the problems in a timely and systematic manner.

- Ensure efficient use of energy, raw material and natural resources.


We shall act with all our employees in accordance with these principles.


EAC ISO 9001-2015

EAC ISO 14001:2015

EAC OHSAS 18001-2014

LPCB ISO 9001:2008

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