2M KABLO realizes high quality production with modern machinery. All lines have a spark tester device which controls the insulation and sheath surface and thinning. All extruders have laser diameter measuring devices and the cables are produced with minimum tolerance with the aid of these devices. Most of the machines are PLC controlled.

Each equipment is strictly defined, specified and organized for maximum efficiency in the processes of production in our insulation, sheath, stranding, mica taping, screening, winding, armouring, packing and other lines.

Below are the basic tests performed by 2M KABLO

Vertical flame test for a single cable (IEC/EN 60332-1)       
Vertical flame test  to a bunch of cables (IEC 60332-3)
Horizontal flame test (IEC 60331 / BS 6387 C)
Flame Test with water spray (BS 6387 W)
Flame Test with mechanical impact (BS 6387 Z, EN 50200 , EN 50362)
Flame Test with mechanical impact under water (EN 50200  Annex  E / BS 8434-2)         
Smoke Density test (IEC/EN 61034)
Corrosive Gas Test (pH)
Corrosive Gas Test (Conductivity)
Determining Halogen Acid Gas
Impedance / Attenuation / Return Loss Measurement
Transfer Impedance Measurement
Screening factor Measurement
Screening Attenuation Measurement
Conductor Resistance Measurement
Insulator Resistance Measurement
High Voltage Test
Capacitance Measurement
L/R Ratio Measurement
Inductance Measurement
UV Resistance Test
Aliphatic Hydrocarbon Resistance Measurement
Aging tests
Oil Resistance Measurement
Plastic Hardness Measurement
Elongation / Tensile Strength Test
Density Measurement Test

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