Our world is of great value for us.

Human’s rate of consumption natural resources has been above, at the rate of 50%, the nature’s rate of self-renewal. According to the ecological footprint measurement, if everyone in the world consumes as much as a person living in Turkey, we would need 2 planets (according to the WFF data).

We have a responsibility in terms of being more sensitive nowadays during which environmental pollution increases dramatically day by day.

In order to leave a more liveable world to next generations and for a sustainable future, we make an effort to take necessary precautions in the course of our production and to continuously improve our production. 

Our objective is;

  • Transfer of a clean and healthy environment to the next generation,
  • Use of energy and natural resources in a productive manner,
  • Reducing negative environmental impacts during all processes of production,
  • Prevention of pollution at its source,
  • Taking necessary measures for less consumption of our resources such as electricity, fuel and water which we consume for our compulsory activities and ensuring sustainable development by means of setting goals every year, 
  • Taking measures which reduce solid, liquid and gas wastes formed in the course of our activities and struggling to implement re-use or recycling facilities,
  • Increasing environmental consciousness of our employees and the society.

In line with the above-mentioned objectives, we work amain in order to be a role-model institution thanks to our environmental leadership in the low-voltage cable sector by means of managing all of our business processes, in an integrated manner, within the scope of the Quality, Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems.

Our approach…

  • To minimize environmental footprint while production increases.
  • To make contributions for employment in our country while expanding our business.
  • To make contributions for training of the youth. 

We Pay Attention to Waste Management...


Within the scope of 2M KABLO Environmental Management Program;

In order to dispose hazardous wastes in a manner prescribed by the laws and to reduce formation of hazardous wastes, we analyse waste oils and dispose them in accordance with the relevant law by means of sending them to licensed firms.

1)      We collect used, oil-smeared fabrics and occupational safety equipments (headphones, eyeglasses, gloves and etc.)

2)      We send packing wastes to re-cycling plants for re-use.

3)      We send cable, copper and PVC wastes to re-cycling plants for re-use.

4)      We collect waste batteries / power supplies and submit them to licensed disposal firms.

5)      We provide collection and disposal of waste fluorescent light and glass bulbs.

6)      We provide collection and disposal of electronic parts (cable and other electric/electronic parts)

7)      We prepare waste management plan and waste declaration form.

8)      We provide trainings for environmental consciousness and trainings concerning hazardous wastes.

In order to prevent air pollution;

1)      We make emission and immission measurements of chimneys and other gas producers.

2)      We are holder of environmental permission certificate on emission.

In order to reduce consumption of energy and water;

1)      We follow-up amount of material / energy annually used.

2)      We set goals every year for activities which would reduce energy and water consumption.

3)      We comply with the regulation on control of water pollution.

We fully comply with the environmental auditing regulation.

The objective of this regulation is to regulate principles and procedures of environmental auditing during the process from launching of and to termination of facility or activity for protection of environment and qualifications and obligations of the personnel to carry out auditing, environmental management unit / environmental officer, the firms authorized in environmental services.

We are ready for emergencies.

1.           We conduct fire drill in order to minimize the environmental impact in emergencies.

2.           We carry out training studies in order to be ready for flood, earthquake, chemical pouring and leakage.

We Take Care of Environment...  (General Overview)


The packages of chemicals used in production of silicone (hazardous wastes, HDPE, IBC container, sack) are assessed in the high-importance level in terms of leading to soil and water pollution, and as per regulation on hazardous wastes control and regulation on hazardous chemicals, they are disposed by means of recycling, in each shipment, by an institution licensed by the Turkish Republic, the Ministry of Environment and Forestry by being registered to national waste transportation forms, hazardous waste declaration form and waste management plan.

Paper consumption and waste paper / carton packing material in the offices and departments are estimated to be annually 47.970 kg in average. These are collected by an institution licensed by the Turkish Republic, the Ministry of Environment and Forestry as per the regulation on control of solid wastes.

Waste batteries and power supplies are assessed as of high-importance level, and re-cycling is performed by an institution licensed by the Turkish Republic, the Ministry of Environment and Forestry for power supply / battery or Portable Battery Producers and Importers Foundation (TAP Foundation) as per the regulation on control of waste batteries and power supplies.

Our Perspective is Multi-Directional Sensitivity...

Our consumptions are under inspection.

We transform out processes from printed materials to online environments.

  • We reduce our carbon footprint by means of holding our interprovincial attendant meetings via internet, if possible.
  • We organize informative seminars at the levels of professional chambers and technical persons who are decision-makers at the sector notably the universities in order to explain how use of plastic materials which do not form hazardous gases when burned is important in preference of cables in terms of life security.
  • We aim at creating informed cable consumers in terms of tests applied to cables and necessity for these tests as well as cable production process by means of providing professionals and students with information thanks to our technical visits to factories. 
  • We believe in continuous development. We provide our employees with regular trainings which would enrich and develop their ability to prediction.

We give regular trainings...

1.  Trainings on environmental information;

- - Environmental consciousness training,
- Waste management training,
- Training on environmental legislation consciousness-raising
- Assessment of environmental impact-aspect
- Methods of applying environmental legal conditions in the enterprises
- Research of environmental accidents
- Prevention and intervention methods
- Environmental emergency management
- Training on environmental practices in work sites
- Training on environmental practices in the enterprises
- Training on control of waste oils
- Training on control of solid wastes

- Training on control of waste batteries and power supplies
- Training on control of medical wastes
- Training on control of end-of-life tires
- Training on control of excavation soil, construction and debris wastes
- Training on control of air pollution stemmed from industrial facilities
- Training on control of water pollution
- Training on control of packing wastes
- Training on assessment and management of environmental noise
2. ISO 14001 Environmental management system standard trainings;

- Basic information training on environmental management system
- Environmental management system internal investigator training
- Environmental management system documentation training

 We have responsibility for safety!


Specified walkways

Mask for chemicals

Headphones for noise

Noise – air – dust measurements

Disposable cloth in the Plastic Room

Not only worker safety but also product and material safety

Information is made by informative safety form prior to technical visits carried out in our factory and presentation including the rules that must be obeyed in the course of production.

We have responsibility for environment! 


- We do not dispose any waste to the environment.

- Re-cycling and disposal are carried out by institutions authorized by the Ministry of Environment and Forestry.

- Licensed transportation vehicles are used.

- National waste transportation forms are used.

- Waste oils are used as fuel-oil.

- Stack gases are measured regularly.

- Personnel are provided with trainings on environment.

- Our employees are guided for recycling their own domestic wastes

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